Sunday, November 20, 2011

You wanna know...

What kind of sucks??? Packing a bunch of stuff up, moving it to a storage unit, then totally changing plans. Cause you know what that means?? You get to go and move all that stuff back to your house. And it's not all stuff you can just get rid of because you don't need it; it was stuff you decided you could live without for a short while. That's what I'm doing. Moving it all back in and putting it all away.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kid Quote - Teagan

Teagan: Mom, when I have kids, you're going to be a grandma.
Me: Yup - that's right.
Teagan: Well, unless you're dead. Then you'll be in heaven.


Seriously. It's after 11pm and I should be in bed. Sleeping. So I can wake up tomorrow. I have kids to get up and to school. What is wrong with me? This has been going on for awhile. Right about the time I should be thinking about going to bed, I don't feel tired. Very annoying. Especially with a little person shows up in my room before my alarm goes off (for real - why do they need to get up before 6:30am???) I think I'm going to start boycotting Daylight Savings cause its all their fault!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things kids say

Teagan: You're going to be my kids grandma.
Me: Yup, that's right.
Teagan: But what if you're dead by then??

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What a day! We were finishing costumes right up to the time we went trick or treating! Our friends, Shannon, Ryan, Payton & Kendall joined us for our trip around the neighborhood and what fun we had! The little kids were so thrilled every time candy was dropped into their bags and the big kids ran from house to house to see what the next treat would be!

Now, the candy sorting and trading has begun. It's so cute to hear them talk about all their treasures!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kid Quote - Zoe

While talking about dinosaurs and if they eat people:

Me: I'm sure they did eat cavemen, if they weren't paying attention.

Zoe: Why do they always say 'men'? Like there weren't any girls? Come on!

Ahhhh, a girl all about equality! Love her!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh boy

I've been so busy LIVING life, that I haven't really had the time, or energy, to blog about it! I decided a long time ago not to have blogging guilt. I used to think I HAD to post at least once a week (and ideally, I'd love to do that!) and would get bummed out if I didn't do it. It's not like I have a ton of followers anyway, but I like the challenge of updating those that do read, on a regular basis!

So, since it's been almost a month - here is what we've been up to:

  • School is going GREAT! Both Teagan and Zoe have WONDERFUL teachers and they are thriving! Teagan asked Mrs. Nash for MORE homework! Zoe is really enjoying her class and all the activities they are doing in 2nd grade.
  • Attended our family Girls-Get-Away the first weekend in October - what a wonderful time with the women (and little girls!) in our family. Love that time together and wish it happened more often!
  • Cleaning up and clearing out - we've decided to put our house on the market and see what happens. We've met with our realtor and will probably list in the next few weeks (she's moving offices, so we don't want to make more work for her!) We know, it's a crappy market right now, but we really need to start thinking about doing something different and we need to sell first to do that. So, it's adventure time! I'm fully anticipating a really S.L.O.W. process, considering this is the slowest time of the year for home sales and its a down market in our area. But, you never know. I'll keep you posted!!
  • We've all been a bit under the weather this past week - hopefully, we are on the mend. (Translation - mom gets sick just as kids are getting better!

Here's a few pic from my iPhone - which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Duffy wants to give it a name since I always have it. It's like having a personal assistant! haha!
All the Little Girls at the 2011 Girls-Get-Away!!
Crazy Hair Day!
Crazy Hair Day!
Luci Dog
Snuggling with Dad - not feeling so great this weekend
Taking pictures to send to Bella


I won!

I follow this great blog, Come on, ilene, (one of my favorite 80's night songs, BTW!). I just love her recipes, sewing projects and creativity. She did her very first giveaway for this great circle scarf...and I won! I'm so excited!

I can't wait for it to get here - I'm getting in the mood for some sewing. Maybe Christmas presents...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We are in the process of cleaning things out and getting rid of things for a garage sale. It's amazing to me how much stuff you can get rid of every year (yes, I have a garage sale, every year. Some years I have more stuff than others, but it's a great way to just clear things out.) In the middle of going through closets and bedrooms, rearranging spaces and still doing the day-to-day stuff, Duffy and I are decided that we wanted to put our house on the market.

If you live where we do, please don't laugh - we know there are over 1100 (over 500 in Sequim alone!) properties on the market, but we have to start somewhere! We just don't fit in our house anymore. And we really want to do something different. And we can't do anything until we sell our house, so we have to put it on the market first. Which means renting a storage unit to put all the extra stuff we "need". And more cleaning and organizing.

I'll keep you posted...

Where to start...Guess what I'm doing tomorrow??

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wow - I am a slacker!

Let's just blame it on summer time, lots of activities, extra kids hanging around and just pure laziness. Yeah, that sounds good.

I have been busy with family stuff, sewing, cleaning things out (haven't really started that yet) for a garage sale, and being a mom, wife, daughter, etc.

I realized the other day, as I was playing with Pinterest (oh. my. goodness. my new favorite place on earth. Or just on the internet!) that I've bought a bunch of shoes this summer. I love shoes. They make me happy. And they can totally make or break your outfit. I'm fortunate to be married to a fellow-shoe junkie, so it really isn't an issue in our relationship - we sort of enable each other actually. And a really weird fact, we have the same size foot.

Ok, here what I've gotten lately:

Needed new HOT PINK shoes!! Source.

Product Image
Love these! Bought them for my cousin's wedding in San Diego next week - so excited!! Source

Sooooo cute and I can wear into the fall with jeans. AND I got mine at Ross, so CHEAP!! Source
JCPenney : Decree®...
I have these in brown and they are great! Source
Best flip-flops I've ever owned. Source
Ok, I think that's all so far. Just wait, Fall is around the corner and who knows what may be coming to my closet this fall!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Not that anyone probably cares, but I'm finally posting pictures! I can't believe how busy I've been lately and honestly, blogging has been at the bottom of the priority list! We had the last day of school for both Zoe and Teagan - they are officially a 2nd grader and Kindergartner! I can't believe it! My snuggle-bug is turning 2 next month and it sort of makes me sad - a lot has happened in the past 2 years and I've so enjoyed all the extra time I've been able to spend with her - talk to me again after her and I spend a week in San Diego!!

We are officially on Summer vacation but that doesn't mean lazy days for us! The girls have a couple different VBS's they are attending, we have cousins coming to visit, a trip to Portland planned, time at Grandma's and maybe even some camping! Bring on the sunshine and warm weather!!

I think she was winking...

Mother's Day

Love her...


Being silly

Jordan and I - love my brother.

Love him

New definition to Kissing Cousins

Makes my heart happy

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm so embarressed!

This is the longest stretch of not blogging that has happened in a long time. I'm sorry! I really do have soooo much to blog about but life is getting in the way!

Here is just a sampling of what's been going on:
  • birthdays - Teagan, Mom, Aunt Kari, Duffy, Grandma June...
  • a wedding - Congrats to my cousin Mallory and new hubby Jamie! Their wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun! Your wedding gift will be on the way soon. I promise.
  • a memorial service - celebrating the wonderful life of my Great Uncle Dan.
  • traveling to visit family - trips to Aberdeen and PORTLAND. Wish P-Town could have been a bit longer but still fun!!
  • shopping with some of my favorite gals - enough said. 
  • sunshine - no enough.
  • garden planting - things are starting to grow!
  • rain - way too much.
  • ear infections - Zoe missed an entire week of school because she had an middle and outer ear infection. She missed the wedding and a week of swimming!
  • flooding washing machine - yay. Luckily, it was just the drain hose coming out of the drain. So, didn't have to get a new machine (that will be a sad day, cause I LOVE my machine. As much as one can love a home appliance.)
  • flu - uhm, other people throwing up grosses me out. It was not a good 2 days and I realized I don't get paid enough to do that job. Isn't it considered hazardous bodily material in some medical professions???
  • allergies
  • work - yeah.
  • a baby shower - too cute.
  • a house-full of fun for the long weekend - we had 6 kids and 6 adults at our house over Memorial Day weekend. It was also Duffy's and June's birthdays, so fun was had by everyone. I was a totally  lame mom and didn't take a single picture - what's wrong with me?!?!
  • swimming - starting back up on Monday!
  • lots of cooking - lots and lots and lots of cooking. and baking.
  • beer brewing - uhm yeah, got Duffy a home brewing kit for his birthday. Our first batch is brewing and will be bottled soon.
  • ....and sewing - not enough if I can be totally honest! I have a pile of stuff I need/want to work on.
  • Oh yeah, and all the regular stuff like laundry and dishes!
I need up upload a bunch of pictures and get some posted.. Right now, I need some coffee.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kid Quote - Teagan

This morning while trying to get breakfast, coffee, and everyone ready, this is the conversation I had with Teagan, who will be 5 (oh. my. goodness!) on Thursday.

T: Mom, I don't have an imaginary friend anymore.
Me: Oh, really. I forgot you had one; what was their name again?
T: Rosietta
M: What happened to Rosietta?
T: She died. She was walking and not paying attention and stepped out in front of a car and got ran over.
M: Oh my! That's horrible.
T: Yeah, well, she was invisible, so it's not like they could see her!


...We have not fallen off the face of the earth. We have just been SUPER busy! The big girls started swim lessons again this past week and between school, jobs, church activities, family and friends, it's hard to even catch my breath!! 

We had a house-full this past weekend, celebrating  Teagan's birthday (May 12th) and Mother's day. Next weekend, we are heading out of town for my cousins wedding and the weekend after that, down to Portland for another busy weekend. I feel like I'm running in 25 directions!

SOOOOOOO, hopefully, in the next few weeks, while traveling, getting laundry done, making a few key birthday presents (Teagan 5/12, Mom 5/24, Kari - sister-in-law 5/25, Duffy and Mom-in-law 5/30), and life in general, I will get some photos up! I promise!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Things I Love, April 28

  • Random hugs from a sweet, almost 2 year old.
  • Hearing Mr. P say, "I love you, Missa" in the cutest 3 year old voice ever.
  • We had all kinds of crazy weather today - sun, clouds, thunder, lightning, rain, hail, a little snow, and SUN again.
  • Called my hair stylist for appointments for Zoe, Teagan and myself. Thought we'd have to wait until next week. Nope. Going tomorrow! YAY!!  Katie is WONDERFUL!!
  • Looking forward to a low-key weekend at home. The next 3 weekends are FULL!!! Let the craziness of spring/summer begin!!
  • Got a few great deals at Old Navy - yay online shopping!!
  • Silly dancing before bedtime - theirs, not mine.
  • Enjoyed a nice glass of wine with dinner.
  • The Office made me cry - it was sweet.
  • It's supposed to be sunny this weekend - its about time!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


...did I mention that I went back to work? Yup, after 2 years of being home full-time, I'm working a big whopping 12-15 hours a week and it is AWESOME!

Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom and wife and being home at the end of my 3rd pregnancy and for Harper's first years, has been amazing and such a blessing. BUT, there has been some major stress associated with that, and if I can be totally honest...I think I'm a better mom when I get to do something other than playing, cleaning, laundry, and cooking.

Being a mom is a 24/7 job that you don't get to go home from. You don't get to leave work at work, you don't ever really stop thinking about things - did I switch the laundry? What's for dinner? Do we need milk? Are my kids happy? Why is she so crabby today? Am I being too hard? Not hard enough? Crap, need to switch the laundry!

So, what am I doing?? I am working in the office at our church; I prefer office assistant but old-school folks call me the secretary.  We go to a smaller, low-key church and I've been working Mon-Wen. the past 2 weeks and I think the phone has rang 7 times - and 3 of those calls were my mom! Right now, I'm still settling in, answering the phone, organizing some of the office stuff, revamping some of the documents and such. I'll be sending out weekly emails of church happenings, coordinating nursery and children's church activities, ordering supplies, etc. I'm really excited about everything and the possibilities that lie ahead. I love that my family is still my first priority and that my job is secondary to the well-being of my family; my kids are always welcome - Zoe went in with me for a bit on Friday afternoon to finish up a project. Nothing like child labor!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


It has been a whirl-wind of activity around our house lately. I've sat down to blog a few times and have just gotten side-tracked. So here is a run-down of what's been going on!!
  • The little girl that made me a mama, turned 7 on March 24th! 7!! Where did 7 years go??? Her birthday weekend was filled with family dinner (with great-grandparents and s'more pizza), 48 cupcakes, roller blades, new clothes, party with tacos (her choice) and double layer lemon cake with browned butter frosting and toasted coconut (her choice again!). What a fun weekend of celebration!
  • March 31st marked 10 years of wedded bliss for Duffy and I. My cousin, who is getting married in May, asked if it went by quickly. Yes. Yes, indeed. Duffy and I have been together for 15 years and it still doesn't seem that long. He is my best friend, my confidant, and partner for life. Love you babe!!
  • Spring break is coming to an end. The big girls spent a couple of days with grandparents, we had friends over all day on Wednesday, girls had dinner at Grandma Tine (my mom, Christine) and Grandpa Noel's while we went to dinner Thursday, we traveled to a super fun bridal shower this weekend. Ahhh, it's a lazy Sunday at our house!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amy Butler Birdie Sling - Finished Product

Ok, so I should taken picture as I was putting the bag together, but I was too excited to get it done. Let's just say, I LOVE this bag! I'm already starting on another one!! I've got plans for making a smaller version for some friends who don't love big bags (what is wrong with them??) This bag is HUGE and holds so much and I'm in love with it!

I lucked out and was able to make a copy of my sister-in-laws pattern, but you can find this pattern all over online or at Amy Butler, where there is a variety of ways to find a pattern. I will definately purchase more of her patterns in the future; the directions are easy to follow and full of details.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Project

Birdie Sling Bag
So, this is my next project. My sister-in-law has this bag and I LOVE it! I borrowed the pattern and am excited to get started! Now, to just have the time to do it! It's hard when 3 little ladies want attention to help!

Here are the fabrics I'll be using for the bag. I'll try and post pictures as I'm working and of the completed project. If it's smooth sailing, some people may be getting them as birthday presents - hmmmm, wonder who that could be????

This will be the outside/inside band and handles

This will be the interior lining

Exterior body of bag - SOOOOO EXCITED!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project 31, Day 24

What is Jesus teaching you presently?

Patience. Plain and simple.

Patience with my kids - it's been one of those weeks, months...

Patience with my husband.

Patience with others.

Patience with things I can't really control.

Patience with my life.

Patience, Patience, Patience.

It's been a rough week actually, and I've written this post about 10 times and nothing seems right. I'm feeling really tested/challenged and at the end of my rope. My kids look at me sort of weird when I start crying about reading a book - when what I'm really crying about is the fighting about who sits closer to me when I read and who is touching the other person and who can't see the pictures, etc. etc. I cry because what I really want to do is throw the book across the room and scream!

I'm tired from certain things in my life. I know that it's just a season and won't last forever. Things will change and get better, it's just a matter of being patient. Ahhhh, there is that word again. My girl-friend Kristi called this week and we talked about planning a girls get-away and all I wanted to do was say "Now? You wanna go right now? Great! Give me 10 minutes and I'm outta here!!" Again, patience. Patience, Patience, Patience.

Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm embarrassed to be an American right now.

While there are people in the midst of tragedy in Japan, North Africa, the Middle East, Haiti, etc., the Today Show (and all sorts of other news programs; the Today show just happened to be what I have on this morning!)  is wasting time and money "reporting" on the shenanigans of Charlie Sheen! Who really cares?  All the media frenzy is just adding to his dysfunction and makes us look like fools for continuing to watch!

That's my little rant for the day.
Please don't take it personally if Charlie is one of your friends, favorite actor, etc. Don't send me hate mail.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Wow, I have been slacking. Big time. I'm sorry. A lot is going on and I've had a lot on my mind. Trust me, I haven't even been doing much crafting. Here is what's been happening.
  • Teething Harper - 4 molars at once. She has had a runny nose, drool, cough for the longest time. I'm also getting tired of all messy diapers, makes cloth diapering a headache. She's a trooper though and is sleeping great. She's just needier and crabbier.
  • Swimming Lessons - Zoe and Teagan started lessons last week and are loving it. Zoe has always had a love/hate relationship with the water, so this is great. Their teacher is fun and they are starting at the very beginning and we'll go from there. Teagan keeps showing off and going under-water just because she can and like to show that she's not scared! Silly girls!!
  • Wet, depressing weather. After a week of snow, unplanned days home from school, rain, rain and more rain, I'm SOOOOO ready for a break. Like a break from my life. Just some time to do something that has NOTHING to do with kids.
  • Laundry, laundry and more laundry, It's never-ending and just when I think I'm caught up, there is another load to do!
  • Dishes, dishes and more dishes. Today, alone, I unloaded the DW, reloaded, ran, unloaded and reloaded. I also had a bunch of stuff to do by hand!! How did that happen??
  • Reading - If you haven't read Room, put it on your list. Right now. And read it!! It is amazing and a great story!
  • Starting to think about birthdays. We don't do big, huge birthday bashes for the girls every year. Last year, Zoe and Harper had the big parties (Harper turned 1 and Zoe 6) so this year, we will do something simple and small with family. Teagan's birthday falls around the same weekend as my cousin's wedding! So, I'm starting to think about a Fairy-themed birthday for a soon-to-be 5 year old! Better get motivated.
  • Thinking and browsing the internet for craft ideas. I have some projects in mind to start but life keeps happening and they get pushed to the back burner. And when I do have some quiet time, it's 8:30pm, the sewing machine is in Zoe's room (and I'm afraid to check it out. It's dying and I desperately need a new one, but that's not in the budget right now. Especially since I want a Bernina!)
  • Thinking and planning for some upcoming changes in our family. Some of you know what I'm talking about and until I can say more, we'll have to leave it at that! Keep praying that things transition smoothly and for my continued patience and faith that God is in control. No matter what. And no, I'm not pregnant. No, no, no, no, no!!
Ok, enough for now. I'll get back to Project 31 this week. I promise!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 23

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I'm having a hard time focusing on stuff right now, a lot on my mind. So, talking about myself is kind of hard. I can think of a ton of things for my weaknesses and only a few for my strengths.
  • Organized
  • Resourceful
  • Creative
  • Fun-loving
  • Sensitive
  • High expectations
  • Chocolate
  • Critical
  • Self-Conscious
  • Coffee
  • Owls - my new obsession! Love them and am always looking for a CUTE one!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day and Project 31, Day 21

Things have been a bit crazy around here. We have had snow days the last two days, so being cooped up with 3 kids is tiring. The big girls want to go and play outside so I spend 15 minutes getting them ready to go (remember to go potty!) then they stay outside for 10 minutes! I think they were out 3 different times and each time, they put on brand new outfit when they came back in! My laundry pile is growing out of control!!

Nothing like a blanket fort to keep kids occupied!

I haven't forgotten Project 31 - I've been thinking about it, just finding the motivation to write. And for some reason, I'm having a hard time writing out my words of encouragement. And I'm never at a loss for words.

Write a letter to your husband to encourage him (or if you are single- your future husband.)

Duffy -
You are more amazing than you think. You work hard everyday at a job that isn't what you dreamed about doing and that is hard to enjoy sometimes. You get up before everyone else (3am) and work HARD all day. But you go, and make a difference to the people you encounter. I'm sorry that people aren't always nice and friendly and thankful for what you do. But I notice and I'm thankful.

It's been a rough couple of months and through it all, I've been reminded how God picked YOU just for me. You are the perfect match for me and I appreciate you so much! You've kept me laughing and smiling, which is one of my most favorite things about you! Thank you for everything that you do and making our family complete!

Love you forever - me

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 20

Write about your job and why you love it or hate it.

Mom. Mother. Mama. Madre. Mamasita. Mummy. Ma. Mommy.

LOVE:  Comforting scratched knees and bumped elbows; that I'm the one taking them to school and picking them up; spending quiet mornings with them; playing games; doing crafts; and just BEING with them. I love reading books at naptime and snuggling. I love that I have the great blessing in helping shape their little lives and its something I take seriously.

HATE:  The whining, fighting, arguing that siblings do; always having to be the referee and negotiator. I hate when they are sick and don't feel well. I hate that I can't fix every thing that hurts them or bothers them. I hate the never-ending laundry and dishes. I hate that they grow up faster than you want them to.

Check it out!

A MUST see movie!!
This is a GREAT movie. Sweet story, wonderful music, funny, inspiring. Once is a must see for everyone. Put it on your Netflix queue TODAY!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 19

Write about your favorite comfort food (we are women- we ALL have comfort food!)

Hands down, Mac n' Cheese. I love it when the kids request it for lunch. I miss Olympia because Ramblin' Jack's has the best mac n' cheese around. If one of the girls orders it at a restaurant, I have to try it. YUMMY! My second favorite comfort food is Oatmeal Raisen Chipper cookies - a cross between an oatmeal raisen and chocolate chip cookie. It's the PERFECT cookie.

She Breathes Deeply

Day 1. What does beauty mean to you?
Day 2. What makes you uniquely you?
Day 3. Who is someone you know who inspires beauty?
Day 4. Style 31. Post a pic of you in your favorite outfit.
Day 5. Write a blog thanking someone who has made your heart come alive.
Day 6. Jaded beauty. Has the world's definition of beauty ever jaded you?
Day 7. Write a blog to encourage another beautiful woman.
Day 8. Have a beauty secret (e.g. hair tip, make up tip)? Share, please!
Day 9. What virtues do you value in yourself?
Day 10. What is Jesus teaching you as a wife, mom, or friend? (Or just woman in general?)
Day 11. Post a recipe. Or if you don't cook, try a new recipe and write about how it turned out (pictures please!).
Day 12. Write about what wears you out as a woman.
Day 13. Write about something you would like to change about yourself for the better.
Day 14. Style 31. Post an outfit pic!
Day 15. Write to encourage a friend. Inspire her beauty.
Day 16. Write a letter to your daughter, or a young girl in your life. Tell her what beauty means.
Day 17. Write about 3 things that make you happy.
Day 18. Describe your personality.
Day 19. Write about your favorite comfort food (we are women- we ALL have comfort food!)
Day 20. Write about your job and why you love it or hate it.
Day 21. Write a letter to your husband to encourage him (or if you are single- your future husband.)
Day 22. What are some needs that need to be met in your community? Blog about how to extend your hand to those who need you.
Day 23. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?
Day 24. What is Jesus teaching you presently?
Day 25. Style 31. Post a pic of your favorite comfy clothes.
Day 26. What do you hope your grandchildren will say about you someday when you are gone?
Day 27. Write a blog to encourage someone and build their confidence!
Day 28. Write about your insecurities as a woman.
Day 29. Write about "a day in the life of me." (Pics are great!)
Day 30. Who is your role model as a woman?
Day 31. Write about your dreams and goals as a beautiful woman!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 18

Describe your personality.

How I would describe myself
* Outgoing * Funny * Feisty * Self-Conscious * Fun-Loving * People-Pleaser * Honest * Reliable *

How my husband described me
* Fiery * Spicy * Feisty * Funny *

How my kids described me
* Happy * Nice * Loving * Kind * Polite * Helpful *

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family Time

Cooking with my mom and sister-in-law

Putting Zoe and Grandpa to work

The great house we stayed in - lots of space, huge commercial kitchen (I was in love!), indoor hot tub.

Zoe and dad
Harper and Bella looking out the window
My brother - so serious.

Yeah right!

I love her!

On the water

This past weekend, we spent the entire weekend relaxing, visiting, cooking, eating, playing cards and celebrating being a family. It was nice to get away from our day-to-day life and enjoy time with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece. It was a much-needed reminder of how blessed I am to have the family I have!!

Facebook Update

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