Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm so embarressed!

This is the longest stretch of not blogging that has happened in a long time. I'm sorry! I really do have soooo much to blog about but life is getting in the way!

Here is just a sampling of what's been going on:
  • birthdays - Teagan, Mom, Aunt Kari, Duffy, Grandma June...
  • a wedding - Congrats to my cousin Mallory and new hubby Jamie! Their wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun! Your wedding gift will be on the way soon. I promise.
  • a memorial service - celebrating the wonderful life of my Great Uncle Dan.
  • traveling to visit family - trips to Aberdeen and PORTLAND. Wish P-Town could have been a bit longer but still fun!!
  • shopping with some of my favorite gals - enough said. 
  • sunshine - no enough.
  • garden planting - things are starting to grow!
  • rain - way too much.
  • ear infections - Zoe missed an entire week of school because she had an middle and outer ear infection. She missed the wedding and a week of swimming!
  • flooding washing machine - yay. Luckily, it was just the drain hose coming out of the drain. So, didn't have to get a new machine (that will be a sad day, cause I LOVE my machine. As much as one can love a home appliance.)
  • flu - uhm, other people throwing up grosses me out. It was not a good 2 days and I realized I don't get paid enough to do that job. Isn't it considered hazardous bodily material in some medical professions???
  • allergies
  • work - yeah.
  • a baby shower - too cute.
  • a house-full of fun for the long weekend - we had 6 kids and 6 adults at our house over Memorial Day weekend. It was also Duffy's and June's birthdays, so fun was had by everyone. I was a totally  lame mom and didn't take a single picture - what's wrong with me?!?!
  • swimming - starting back up on Monday!
  • lots of cooking - lots and lots and lots of cooking. and baking.
  • beer brewing - uhm yeah, got Duffy a home brewing kit for his birthday. Our first batch is brewing and will be bottled soon.
  • ....and sewing - not enough if I can be totally honest! I have a pile of stuff I need/want to work on.
  • Oh yeah, and all the regular stuff like laundry and dishes!
I need up upload a bunch of pictures and get some posted.. Right now, I need some coffee.

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