Monday, May 9, 2011

Kid Quote - Teagan

This morning while trying to get breakfast, coffee, and everyone ready, this is the conversation I had with Teagan, who will be 5 (oh. my. goodness!) on Thursday.

T: Mom, I don't have an imaginary friend anymore.
Me: Oh, really. I forgot you had one; what was their name again?
T: Rosietta
M: What happened to Rosietta?
T: She died. She was walking and not paying attention and stepped out in front of a car and got ran over.
M: Oh my! That's horrible.
T: Yeah, well, she was invisible, so it's not like they could see her!


...We have not fallen off the face of the earth. We have just been SUPER busy! The big girls started swim lessons again this past week and between school, jobs, church activities, family and friends, it's hard to even catch my breath!! 

We had a house-full this past weekend, celebrating  Teagan's birthday (May 12th) and Mother's day. Next weekend, we are heading out of town for my cousins wedding and the weekend after that, down to Portland for another busy weekend. I feel like I'm running in 25 directions!

SOOOOOOO, hopefully, in the next few weeks, while traveling, getting laundry done, making a few key birthday presents (Teagan 5/12, Mom 5/24, Kari - sister-in-law 5/25, Duffy and Mom-in-law 5/30), and life in general, I will get some photos up! I promise!

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