Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring Cleaning

So, awhile back, my bestest friend posted about Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products (see and I decided to check them out. I'd seem them before and ended up getting a bunch of stuff from for super cheap. I am IN LOVE with the Basil scent and love that my hands smell like it all day after cleaning with the All Purpose cleaner or dish soap. I love how it makes my house smell and I keep wanting to clean things. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's the smell of spring outside and in, I don't know but I have become a cleaning freak!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Ahhh, there is nothing like a few quiet moments in the morning, before the girls get up, with my coffee. I should try this more often! That would involve getting up earlier than I do already!

I spent half the night up with Zoe and her itchy tummy rash - she was miserable! She finally passed out in our bed after Duffy got up for work. My alarm went off at 6:30am, I snoozed once until the coffee was finished then got up. She's still asleep but we have to get moving soon - we all have to be dressed and ready since it's a school day. It's amazing how quickly you can get showered, dressed and ready when you have too!

Monday, April 7, 2008


On Saturday, we headed out to Lake Ozette. There is great hiking and we wanted to see what our camping options were. It was a loooonnnnngggg drive but the girls slept most of the way out. It rained the entire time, but it was still beautiful. Zoe was quite the hiker and kept telling us how she really liked hiking. Teagan walked part of the way (no stollers allowed and we left the backpack at home!) but I carried her the vast majority.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jealousy or is it Admiration?

Ok, so the other night, before falling asleep, I started thinking about things to write on my blog. You see, I'm not a "natural" blogger; I read my friends blogs and think "I can do that" but I'm not so confident. Everyone else I know is more eloquent and witty and I feel like my stuff is just, well, plain.

So, while thinking of things, I realized I'm insainly jealous of some of my friends. I don't think of myself as a jealous person, there is no real point in it really and maybe it's more that I admire the skills and talents of my friends. Take Jessie - she is an amazing photographer and her blog makes me laugh out loud and wish I lived closer so we could hang out. My bestest friend, Darah, is a great writer, mother, daughter and crafter (how she finds the time, I don't know!) Katie does magic with my hair and makes me feel good about myself, even when she's having a bad day. Even when stressed and at the end of her rope, she is hopeful and obedient. Danika is a wonderful mother who is full of energy and life and I sooooo wish I could look as good as she does - that would involve taking up running and I don't see that in my near future unless she becomes my personal trainer!!!

So, instead of being jealous, I decided to share what I admire about women in my life. I plan to do this on occasion because it makes me feel good to see how talented the people around me are!

Back to reality

Since we have been married, and especially after the girls were born, Duffy and I have made it a priority to get away, just the two of us. It is so nice to have a conversation that isn't interrupted by kids, isn't over the phone or as he is falling asleep. For those that may not know, Duffy goes to work at 3:30am, so it's not like we get to hang out in the evenings after the girls are in bed. So, for us to get some time away is great. We had a great weekend and I enjoyed not having to someone breakfast or turn on the Disney channel!

The only problem was that we came home to 2 girls with colds - yippee for me. And Teagan has officially entered the terrible 2's! Yesterday marked her first "official" time out and I so wish I would have taken a picture! She was screaming about something and basically have a bit of a melt-down and Duffy picked her up and put her in her room. I thought he put her in her bed, but no, she was sitting on the floor, just inside the door crying but not moving from where he had set her. After a few minutes I heard her calm down and that was the end of time out. Isn't reality fun?

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