Thursday, July 15, 2010


I found a recipe for Browned Butter frosting and it is AMAZING! So, for Harper's birthday, I made lemon cupcakes (took the cheater way and used a boxed mix, but will do from scratch next time! I made 4 dozen cupcakes, so I had to save time somewhere!!), topped with the yummy frosting and added toasted coconut to finish. Soooooo good! I think I have to stop watching Cupcake Wars on Food Network!

Happy Birthday Baby H

What a sweet baby you are! I can't believe a year has come and gone so quickly! You are such a snuggler and love to smile and wave. You love when people are laughing and when you see your daddy playing the drums, you let everyone know, that's your "Dada!" Your big sisters love you so much, it's probably annoying! Thank you for making our family complete!!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We have had a busy few weeks of summer. Lots of playing, crafting, going to the park, Vacation Bible Schools, bike riding, running around outside, bonfires and s'mores and just enjoying the freedom of no school and lots of daylight. Here are some pictures.


To do Today

I have so much to blog about and so little time! I WILL get some things posted today - I promise! With nice weather and a houseful of kids (2 extra 3 days a week and a 6th last Friday), it's been a bit tough. And I don't have a laptop -I know, I'm one of the very last not to have one, but our desktop is still doing great (barely, but I can't afford to replace it right now!!); the only problem is that it's in our bedroom and when I would take the time to blog, Duffy's gone to bed and the last things he wants to listen to is my typing away!!!

So, be patient. I will have posts and pictures today. Or, maybe tomorrow!

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