Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend Away

Duffy and I are getting a much needed weekend away and I can't wait! With the whirlwind of activity we have had the last 2 weeks - it is going to be so nice to sleep in, have some quiet time, relax and basically do whatever we want to do! Grandpa and Grandma Moore are coming to hang out with the girls. We are celebrating Zoe's birthday with them tonight too.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Zoe!

Happy Birthday Princess Rainbow Feather!!! (This is her princess name of the week!) She picked our dinner menu (tacos) and our evening activity: bowling at the REAL bowling alley. Should be a crazy day!
Shy Pose - yeah, like she is ever shy!
I think she likes it!
What a goof-ball! Thanks Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tim for my new "Skaters"!!

Riding our new bike!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mac and Caddle

Ok, 2 years ago, Zoe got into watching Mac and Caddle (American Idol) and since I was out-numbered, I started watching also. Two years ago, I even had a boyfriend (sorry baby!). He's just so cute to look at and he always reminded me of Duffy!

So this year, Zoe has a favorite. I expected it to be a blonde, princess girl (we are into princesses at our house - lucky!) or a cute boy. Boy was I wrong. Zoe's favorite American Idol contestant is........ are you ready........

Duffy and I can't stand her! I think she looks like Cruella DeVille and her singing is horrible! I'm so ready for her to go home! But Zoe is a die-hard fan. She loves her hair and her clothes! Maybe she'll grow up to be a punk/rocker/biker chic instead of a princess (Zoe actually thinks we are going to go to another country and visit a princess one day!)

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