Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wow - I am a slacker!

Let's just blame it on summer time, lots of activities, extra kids hanging around and just pure laziness. Yeah, that sounds good.

I have been busy with family stuff, sewing, cleaning things out (haven't really started that yet) for a garage sale, and being a mom, wife, daughter, etc.

I realized the other day, as I was playing with Pinterest (oh. my. goodness. my new favorite place on earth. Or just on the internet!) that I've bought a bunch of shoes this summer. I love shoes. They make me happy. And they can totally make or break your outfit. I'm fortunate to be married to a fellow-shoe junkie, so it really isn't an issue in our relationship - we sort of enable each other actually. And a really weird fact, we have the same size foot.

Ok, here what I've gotten lately:

Needed new HOT PINK shoes!! Source.

Product Image
Love these! Bought them for my cousin's wedding in San Diego next week - so excited!! Source

Sooooo cute and I can wear into the fall with jeans. AND I got mine at Ross, so CHEAP!! Source
JCPenney : Decree®...
I have these in brown and they are great! Source
Best flip-flops I've ever owned. Source
Ok, I think that's all so far. Just wait, Fall is around the corner and who knows what may be coming to my closet this fall!!!

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