Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We are in the process of cleaning things out and getting rid of things for a garage sale. It's amazing to me how much stuff you can get rid of every year (yes, I have a garage sale, every year. Some years I have more stuff than others, but it's a great way to just clear things out.) In the middle of going through closets and bedrooms, rearranging spaces and still doing the day-to-day stuff, Duffy and I are decided that we wanted to put our house on the market.

If you live where we do, please don't laugh - we know there are over 1100 (over 500 in Sequim alone!) properties on the market, but we have to start somewhere! We just don't fit in our house anymore. And we really want to do something different. And we can't do anything until we sell our house, so we have to put it on the market first. Which means renting a storage unit to put all the extra stuff we "need". And more cleaning and organizing.

I'll keep you posted...

Where to start...Guess what I'm doing tomorrow??

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