Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Favorite Things/Top 10 for 2009

Ok, so I'm inspired by a few of my friends to do a favorite things list, so......... here goes and in no particular order.

1. Bath and Body Works Lemongrass and Cardamom - I love it! I have everything from the body butter to shower gel and bubble bath.

2. TIGI Hair Products - I have thick, wavy, for the moment, short hair and TIGI makes my actually love my hair at times! This is my new favorite - spray pomade. And it smells KILLER!

3. I have an obsession with Mrs. Meyer's Basil scent ANYTHING! I love it all! The laundry detergent is a guilty pleasure for me - I only wash my clothes in it!

4. My new UGG slippers. So, yeah, I just got them but, oh how I love thee!

5. I heart Melissa & Doug! I love the creative toys they make and love that my kids have so much fun with them. We have everything from the train set and train table to the art easel and magnetic paper dolls (best invention EVER!!)

6. My Happy Lite. I'm sitting in front of it right now and I seriously feel better than when I woke up. If you live in the NW and don't have one, you should get one!

7. Ok, I feel a bit snobbish but I love my Coach bags. I've gotten them for my birthday the last couple of years (isn't my hubby rockin awesome??) and I love that I can fit everything I need to in them
(I hate carrying a diaper bag!!)

8. My Silpat - if you bake/cook at all, you must have one!

9. I've blogged about this bread before and I LOVE it! And no, not just because it comes from my hubby's company, but because it is REALLY good! The 15-Grain is the best!

10. Keen boots - comfortable, cute (I thinks so!), waterproof - enough for me!

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