Friday, March 25, 2011

New Project

Birdie Sling Bag
So, this is my next project. My sister-in-law has this bag and I LOVE it! I borrowed the pattern and am excited to get started! Now, to just have the time to do it! It's hard when 3 little ladies want attention to help!

Here are the fabrics I'll be using for the bag. I'll try and post pictures as I'm working and of the completed project. If it's smooth sailing, some people may be getting them as birthday presents - hmmmm, wonder who that could be????

This will be the outside/inside band and handles

This will be the interior lining

Exterior body of bag - SOOOOO EXCITED!


Casey Martinez said...

oh my gosh your pattern choices are going to be SOOOOOOOOO cute together! Gosh, I wish I could sew but, I know it isn't something I will ever really be good at so you go girl!! lol;0 I wanna see it when it's done!!

Amylou said...

OHMYGOODNESS! I need this pattern! I love the way the bag looks. How can I find it?

Thanks so very much for your sweet comment on my last post Melissa! It is true. We do feel alone when we have no need to! We definitely aren't the only ones going through these things. I love that I can chat with people who understand!

Cant wait to see how your bag turns out!

Thank you again!

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