Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sew busy...

I'm on a roll - I don't know what it is a out the fall but I just love sewing and creating during this season. I'm working on some Christmas gifts and will be starting in the girls holiday dresses next week. I'm also on a skirt kick too- tomorrow I will finish my 3rd skirt this week!! Pictures to come soon-I promise!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sewing Swap

So, awhile back, my friend Gretchen (I used to babysit her and her sisters!)posted on Facebook about participating in a sewing swap. It was sponsored from Ashley Marie over at Little Willow Tree. I thought it sounded like fun and signed up. I just figured it was all women and had all sorts of things I could possibly send on to my swap partner. Life's been a bit crazy and a lot hectic, so I thought I'd get off easy and stick a scarf or wallet I already had finished in the mail and there you have it, first ever Sewing Swap done! Oh, but that is not how things happened - isn't life funny???

After a little mix-up, I got the name of the person I was to sew for. I'm REALLY glad I read the entire email because it was NOT a women I got to sew for - it was a 10 year old boy!! The only boys I have sewn for are my nephews and they are under the age of 5!! After some thinking, I came up with this cute camo wallet - I hope Corbin liked it!!
A few days after getting my guy's swap item in the mail, I received a great little package of my own! And wouldn't you know it, Gretchen got to sew for me??? Isn't the fabric beautiful? It's a cowl and I love it! I think it will go well with lots of things in my fall wardrobe. Please excuse my lame photos of myself - we had just gotten home from our Annual Girls Get-Away and I realized I still needed to get my Sewing Swap post done!! Thank you Gretchen for the great gift! I love it and think it will get a lot of wear this fall. Plus, I may recreate for some Christmas gifts this year!
Beautiful fabric - I love the soft feel!
Looks great with brown!

Ignore my lame half-face picture! Look at the beautiful cowl!!


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