Saturday, June 25, 2011


Not that anyone probably cares, but I'm finally posting pictures! I can't believe how busy I've been lately and honestly, blogging has been at the bottom of the priority list! We had the last day of school for both Zoe and Teagan - they are officially a 2nd grader and Kindergartner! I can't believe it! My snuggle-bug is turning 2 next month and it sort of makes me sad - a lot has happened in the past 2 years and I've so enjoyed all the extra time I've been able to spend with her - talk to me again after her and I spend a week in San Diego!!

We are officially on Summer vacation but that doesn't mean lazy days for us! The girls have a couple different VBS's they are attending, we have cousins coming to visit, a trip to Portland planned, time at Grandma's and maybe even some camping! Bring on the sunshine and warm weather!!

I think she was winking...

Mother's Day

Love her...


Being silly

Jordan and I - love my brother.

Love him

New definition to Kissing Cousins

Makes my heart happy

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm so embarressed!

This is the longest stretch of not blogging that has happened in a long time. I'm sorry! I really do have soooo much to blog about but life is getting in the way!

Here is just a sampling of what's been going on:
  • birthdays - Teagan, Mom, Aunt Kari, Duffy, Grandma June...
  • a wedding - Congrats to my cousin Mallory and new hubby Jamie! Their wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun! Your wedding gift will be on the way soon. I promise.
  • a memorial service - celebrating the wonderful life of my Great Uncle Dan.
  • traveling to visit family - trips to Aberdeen and PORTLAND. Wish P-Town could have been a bit longer but still fun!!
  • shopping with some of my favorite gals - enough said. 
  • sunshine - no enough.
  • garden planting - things are starting to grow!
  • rain - way too much.
  • ear infections - Zoe missed an entire week of school because she had an middle and outer ear infection. She missed the wedding and a week of swimming!
  • flooding washing machine - yay. Luckily, it was just the drain hose coming out of the drain. So, didn't have to get a new machine (that will be a sad day, cause I LOVE my machine. As much as one can love a home appliance.)
  • flu - uhm, other people throwing up grosses me out. It was not a good 2 days and I realized I don't get paid enough to do that job. Isn't it considered hazardous bodily material in some medical professions???
  • allergies
  • work - yeah.
  • a baby shower - too cute.
  • a house-full of fun for the long weekend - we had 6 kids and 6 adults at our house over Memorial Day weekend. It was also Duffy's and June's birthdays, so fun was had by everyone. I was a totally  lame mom and didn't take a single picture - what's wrong with me?!?!
  • swimming - starting back up on Monday!
  • lots of cooking - lots and lots and lots of cooking. and baking.
  • beer brewing - uhm yeah, got Duffy a home brewing kit for his birthday. Our first batch is brewing and will be bottled soon.
  • ....and sewing - not enough if I can be totally honest! I have a pile of stuff I need/want to work on.
  • Oh yeah, and all the regular stuff like laundry and dishes!
I need up upload a bunch of pictures and get some posted.. Right now, I need some coffee.

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