Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Things I Love, April 28

  • Random hugs from a sweet, almost 2 year old.
  • Hearing Mr. P say, "I love you, Missa" in the cutest 3 year old voice ever.
  • We had all kinds of crazy weather today - sun, clouds, thunder, lightning, rain, hail, a little snow, and SUN again.
  • Called my hair stylist for appointments for Zoe, Teagan and myself. Thought we'd have to wait until next week. Nope. Going tomorrow! YAY!!  Katie is WONDERFUL!!
  • Looking forward to a low-key weekend at home. The next 3 weekends are FULL!!! Let the craziness of spring/summer begin!!
  • Got a few great deals at Old Navy - yay online shopping!!
  • Silly dancing before bedtime - theirs, not mine.
  • Enjoyed a nice glass of wine with dinner.
  • The Office made me cry - it was sweet.
  • It's supposed to be sunny this weekend - its about time!!


Casey Martinez said...

yeah for hair appointments that fast!! Awesome;0. And yes, let the crazy summer season begin...mine too;0. Happy weekend to you!

darah said...

i'm looking at Old Navy online and I'm wondering if you got yourself a romper. it seems they're all the rage.

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