Monday, May 9, 2011

Kid Quote - Teagan

This morning while trying to get breakfast, coffee, and everyone ready, this is the conversation I had with Teagan, who will be 5 (oh. my. goodness!) on Thursday.

T: Mom, I don't have an imaginary friend anymore.
Me: Oh, really. I forgot you had one; what was their name again?
T: Rosietta
M: What happened to Rosietta?
T: She died. She was walking and not paying attention and stepped out in front of a car and got ran over.
M: Oh my! That's horrible.
T: Yeah, well, she was invisible, so it's not like they could see her!


carol said...

that was a great 'first laugh in the morning' story!!

Kim said...

Love it!!
So Teagan :)

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

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