Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 20

Write about your job and why you love it or hate it.

Mom. Mother. Mama. Madre. Mamasita. Mummy. Ma. Mommy.

LOVE:  Comforting scratched knees and bumped elbows; that I'm the one taking them to school and picking them up; spending quiet mornings with them; playing games; doing crafts; and just BEING with them. I love reading books at naptime and snuggling. I love that I have the great blessing in helping shape their little lives and its something I take seriously.

HATE:  The whining, fighting, arguing that siblings do; always having to be the referee and negotiator. I hate when they are sick and don't feel well. I hate that I can't fix every thing that hurts them or bothers them. I hate the never-ending laundry and dishes. I hate that they grow up faster than you want them to.


Rebecca said...

I have been meaning to comment and tell you how much I have LOVED all of your posts! You inspire me! love you. :)

Casey Martinez said...

I really like your perspective on this because you said the things you love and hate about the job..I felt like I could only choose love or hate but, you are so right...there are definitely some things I don't care for about this role!! ;0. Sooo agree!

Melissa said...

Becca - you inspire ME!! You are a great mom, sister, daughter and I soooooo wish we lived closer! Your pics from Amanda's engagement were AMAZING! Love you!

Casey - I sometimes feel bad that I don't LOVE everything about being a mom, 100% of the time. But, I've realized it's OK! And the next stage will bring new things I love and hate!!

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