Sunday, September 12, 2010

What brings you JOY?

My mom and I had this conversation the other day - what brings you Joy? Not just what makes you happy, because that list is endless for me, but what, in my life, brings me JOY. What makes me laugh out loud, smile for the rest of the day, makes me feel complete and fulfilled. My friend Darbi just posted about how writing makes her happy and needing to make time for it, make it a priority. I think so many of us moms get into the MOM routine and forget to do things that bring us JOY. So, here are a few of the things that bring me JOY!!
  • When my kids laugh so hard, their eyes scrunch up and you can't see them

  • Sewing - right now I have several projects going and I can't talk about a lot of them because, you know, Christmas is coming!! I'm finishing up a skirt (for myself - never happens!) made out of fabric that was my Grandma Lou's - it makes me smile working with something that was hers and knowing that she taught me to sew; I think about how she must be smiling in heaven.

  • Uncontrollable laughter

  • Harper "singing'" in her crib

  • Teagan and Zoe dancing

  • Cooking - I love to cook and it is how I tell people I love them. I love when we have people over for dinner - sharing food with others fills my heart.

  • Duffy doing something unexpected - these days, it could be unloading the dishwasher (something I hate to do!) or getting kids into the bathtub!!

  • Spending time with siblings

  • Watching/listening to Duffy play the drums - he has such a child-like, expression-filled face, you can't help but enjoy it. We have a drum kit temporarily located in our living room and it's been a lot of fun watching/listening to him play and teach the girls things about the drums.

  • Finding something whimsical in an unlikely place.

What brings you JOY? What makes your heart smile?

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