Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I liked this "About Me" because it was different - it isn't your standard "What do you like to drink/favorite color" style. If found it to be more reflective, so I figured I'd give it a try! I stole the format from my friend Gretchen's blog, who I think copied it from someone else!! Give it a try!!

{I am...} never going to be perfect, so why do I keep trying to be???

{I want...} my family to be happy.

{I have...} more than I need.

{I keep...} a lot of things for sentimental reasons.

{I wish I could...} go on a vacation somewhere hot. With a beach. And drinks with umbrellas.

{I hate...} spiders. Bugs. Snakes.

{I fear...} that one of my kids will get sick and I won't be able to make it better.

{I hear...} the sounds of little kids - Mr. P talking to Harper, music from multiple toys and little feet! (That was earlier! Now it is Zoe complaining about how much homework she has to do!)

{I don't think...} people realize how insecure I am.

{I regret...} things I have done that have hurt other people.

{I love...} good food.

{I can...} very seldomly keep a straight face.

{I dance...} when we have Dance Party at home.

{I sing...} only to my children.

{I never...} go without coffee. Never. Ever.

{I rarely...} give myself enough credit.

{I cry when I watch...} really sappy commercials.

{I know that...} I am loved.

{I hate that...} I live so far away from Darah and we can't just get together for coffee whenever we want! Bummer!

{I need...} something to drink.

{I should...} workout more consistently.

{I believe...} you can do anything, if you really want to.

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