Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New find

So, I've been a shopper for years. I love that I can find all sorts of natural products and things I can't find around here for great prices. The only problem is when I only need a few things, the shipping cost takes away from getting things at great prices. So, the other day, I checked out Soap and I am thrilled!

I started out wanting to purchase 3 BioKleen products from (see below). They were on sale but by the time shipping costs were added on, it was going to be over $30. I then went to Soap and found the same 3 BioKleen products, for a higher price but Soap offers free shipping at $25. And not just regular shipping 1-2 day FedEx shipping!! Yippee!! When my box got here, the dish soap had leaked about a cup of soap all over the box. I sent an email to Soap stating that I loved the prompt shipping, etc. but could they seal the lids the next time because of the accidental spillage. I received a prompt reply and they sent out another bottle of dish soap, for free! I received it today, FedEx, and the bottle was wrapped in zip-top plastic bag! I was so impressed! I didn't expect a replacement and it was great to feel taken care of!!

Here's what I bought!
I use Bac-Out with my diapers every once in awhile and I love the scent and how it freshens! BioKleen is also a local company, based out of Vancouver, WA!!

This soap smells AMAZING and I love it!

Haven't tried it yet but will let you know!

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