Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I'm in between sales right now, so I'm a bit frazzled and blogging is taking a back burner! Last weekend, I was helping Duffy's parents with an estate/garage sale and this week, I'm getting ready for a garage sale with my parents. I keep thinking of things to get rid of and clean out, which is great but then life is still happening. Like getting a phone call at 5pm saying we had a closing appointment for our re-fi at 6pm - that same day! Nice that we didn't know about it. The great thing was she came to our house and we were finished in 45 minutes, but it still threw off the evening.

So, now, I'm back to cleaning/organizing everything and still doing everything else that needs to get done! I scored a few things from Duffy's grandma's (a whole post is coming on the great pans I found!) and I have found a few of my own things I'm going to re-purpose and move around.

Ok, back to work!!

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