Thursday, September 9, 2010

A little rant

Ok, I don't rant about stuff very often on my blog, but I'm really frustrated. I try to buy 'green' products as often as possible. I'll tell you about the products I do like and would love to hear what you love to use. And what you don't!

I love Mrs. Meyer's (anything in the Basil scent, thank you!!)

7th Generations bathroom cleaner is great - it cleans well and smells great.

I use Baby-Ganics Stain, Stain Go Away on tough diaper stains and Country Save to wash diapers (it's a local, WA company too) and am in love with BioKleen's Bac-Out for tough odors -LOVE IT!

And I really like the Ecos laundry detergent and Kirkland Environmentally Friendly detergents for all our clothes. Everything comes out clean and smelling good (not perfumey at all!!)

But what I'm seriously annoyed about is dishwasher detergent. I had been using the Costco liquid and it cleans great but is full of who knows what. I was really excited when Costco started carrying the Ecos brand dishwasher detergent. I bought some and was excited to use it - why, I'm not really sure! I have been sooooo disappointed! My dishes, especially my silverware, come out of the DW looking dirty and with dried-on stuff, etc. on them! I swear I have to wash several things each time! It came in a 2 bottle pack and at first, I thought I could manage washing a few things once in awhile, if I was doing my part to help the environment. By the time I got into the 2nd bottle, I'm so irritated that I'm thinking of going back to the Costco brand! At least my dishes come out clean - EVERY TIME! Come on - I don't have time to do the dishes twice! It's not like I put them in dirty either - I'm one of those that rinses and scrubs things before they go in!!
I want to know what "green" products you love and hate - I'm on a quest!!


Valerie said...

I'll have to try Country Save for our diapers. We couldn't find it when we were in San Diego. I didn't know it was a local brand. We'll have to find it when we run out of diaper detergent. We currently use Planet.

darah said...

I've never found a dishwashing detergent that is eco-friendly that actually cleans dishes. i find it so irritating.

Gretchen said...

Can you use the Country Save in a front-loader HE washer?

Melissa said...

Gretchen - YES! I have a HE front-loader and it works great. The Country Save website has a lot of info on diaper washing too. I've found it's a lot of trial and error to find out what works best for you - there is a ton of info out there!

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