Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year

For some strange reason, I thought a new year would bring new motivation and a fresh start on things. Hahahaha! What was I thinking??? Just doing the laundry, dishes and shuttling kids where they need to be is eating up all my time, it seems like!

We've had two friends have new babies in the last 12 days and that has been some needed excitement. We watched Little Nathan for 3 days while baby Griffin was born. Talk about a change of pace! He fits right into our chaos and is in love with "Mr. Nathan", so it was a fun time while he was here last week. Our friends Shannon and Ryan (Mr. P's parents) welcomed Baby Kendall on New Year's Eve!! She is a doll and we are sharing dinner with them tonight - we haven't had a chance to really visit and ohh and ahhh over Kendall yet!!

I rearranged Zoe's room/craft/sewing space in an attempt to feel inspired to create. All I really did was make a big mess for myself! I am going through my craft desk then will go through the closet again - all before my in-laws some to visit this weekend. Maybe I should get off the computer and get to work!

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