Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 10

What is Jesus teaching you as a wife, mom, or friend? (Or just woman in general?)

Wow - I missed a few days - I have been out of town for my nephew's 4th birthday. It was CRAZY fun - for a kids party!! He was so excited and I was so glad we could be there. That being said, I'm just picking up where I left off and letting a day go. Which is a great lead-in to what I being taught - letting go.

I'm an A-type, overachiever that feels like I have to do it all, all the time. I expect the best from myself and my family and have a hard time letting go if things don't go how I think they should. I am a planner and I want my plan to be THE plan (most of the time!!)

I found myself unemployed for virtually the first time in my adult life in April 2009 (NOT part of my plan!!) and since then, I've found myself doing a lot of letting go - job, finances, stress, health, worry, fear, children, family. And giving it to God. I can't control everything and I'm learning that I really don't want to. When I had to let go of one area (my job, being home full-time), it opened my eyes to really see what God's plan is for my life. And I'm able to let go of other things I've been trying to control.

Through it all, I keep hearing the whisper of "I am here. I am with you. Let. It. Go."


amylou said...

sounds like God is doing some amazing things in your life!

Casey Martinez said...

Beautiful, real post. I too went through an interesting life change when I was unable to find a nanny to watch my daughter..we hired three and they all flaked within weeks and I was at the point of being fired or having to quit and I chose to quit and take a huge step of faith with not enough income, no assurances other than God was closing all other doors so this must be the one I am to go through. God is doing awesome things that I never would have seen if he didn't put me here. I pray that things fall into place and that you are continually renewed with peace and strength when the letting it go is hard...I know how hard that is! Blessings!

Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

This is something I definitely need to work on!

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