Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 7

Write a blog to encourage another beautiful woman.

I'm struggling with this post - I always feel so encouraged by others and don't think of myself as being an "encourager". This past month, two close friends had new babies. They were already mothers, of one child each (boys!!), so they were already doing the mommy-job. I found and continue to find myself in a position to encourage these mom's as they are starting the adventure of being mothers to more than one child. So, my post is dedicated to Leslie and Shannon - both beautiful women, beautiful moms, and beautiful friends.

This last month, watching each of you move into your new role as a mom of 2, has been so much fun. I know that you are feeling tired, worn-out, stressed out and wondering why you signed up for this - but that is so short-lived. You will soon look back and wonder where the time went. But you are doing AMAZING work right now!!  Your heart grows bigger everyday as you experience each new thing baby does and what P and N are learning and doing! You are so beautiful, inside and out. You are beautiful with lack of sleep, messy hair, baby goobers, etc. You are beautiful in how you nurture your babies, teach your boys and love your husbands. You are beautiful in all that you do and will continue to do!

**Leslie - I'm dreading the day you move away. You have been so good for my soul this past year!! Thank you!!

**Shannon - thank you for letting me be totally honest, all the time! Thank you for making me laugh and sharing P with me and my family!!  I love you!!


shannon said...

um, okay, water works! thank you soooo much for the encouraging words and reminding me that the bags under my eyes and the skin hanging off my belly is SO WORTH IT! and not sure what i'd do without YOUR friendship and your family. you make living in Sequim so worth it :) i love you too!!!

Kara Faith said...

Sweet post.. also I love the music on your playlist

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