Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 6

Jaded beauty. Has the world's definition of beauty ever jaded you?

I was curious on the actual meaning of jade:

jade - noun, verb, jad·ed, jad·ing.
1. a worn-out, broken-down, worthless, or vicious horse.
2. a disreputable or ill-tempered woman.  (MY personal favorite!!!)
–verb (used with object), verb (used without object)
3. to make or become dull, worn-out, or weary, as from overwork or overuse.

Plain and simply - Yes. On top of all the other things I think about and worry about, how I "look" shouldn't be something I worry about but it is. And I sometimes get ill-tempered when I think about myself in the worldly sense of beauty.  I hate that I'm secretly comparing myself to others and I especially hate when I think I'm better, in some way. {I can't believe I just admitted that - but isn't that what part of this project is, to challenge yourself and make you think??} No wonder women are so hard on themselves and critical of others. Have you looked at a fashion magazine lately??? I get tired just looking at them and trying to keep up!!
And then I think about raising 3 daughters and how, as parents, you have to start early with promoting what true beauty is. I have to set the example; I have to love ME! All of me - the stretch-marked, not-so-flat tummy me, the "I've had 3 babies" body me. I want them to always feel self-confident and beautiful, that they are unique and God (and mom and dad) love them NO MATTER WHAT! I have my work cut out for me!!


Dana said...

I love that you actually put the true definition of jaded in your post.... Because I asked my husband what it meant to him:)

amylou said...

I love that you said you wanted to love yourself to be an example to your daughters. I admit I have a hard time loving myself and struggle with how I would teach my children to do that.
God had a lot of work to do in me.
Thanks for sharing this!

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

So glad you put the definition on here. I have a girl already and one on the way. I worry about showing what true beauty is to them. It's a scary thing in this world we live in. Your little fam is so cute!

Casey Martinez said...

Sounds like we ladies can all relate to each other! How encouraging and refreshing to know that we have all experienced similar feelings and have also come to realize we want more for ourselves. This was great! Thanks for sharing your heart!

Katrina Gelino said...

For an example of "unattainable" check out the photos I posted for day 6. We're all flawed in a beautiful sort of way.

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