Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Princess Cruise

This was the only smile we could get out of her the entire time!

Awhile back, our friend Katie (she does a fabulous job making my hair look good!) gave Zoe tickets for a Princess Cruise. It was one of those Seattle harbor theme cruieses and let me tell you - it was overwhelming for everyone! Zoe got to wear one of her princess dresses and of course, it was one of the hottest days of spring. She refused to walk on the dock, the ramp or the stairs on the boat and every "princess" under 5 should have been napping; there were meltdowns all over the place on top of the ice cream sundaes they fed them! Zoe was scared of the princesses that were part of the cruise until the very end then she cried because she wanted them to come home with us! I've never seen so many grown-up women dressed as princesses in my life! Zoe still talks about it and tells everyone about going on her princess cruise and wants to know when we are going to see them all again. If only she would quit telling people her dad is going to sleep with Cindarella when we go to visit the princesses (in Disneyland)!


..melissa.. said...

Last line is the best sentence ever...hahaha

When are you guys planning to go to Disneyland??

Mona said...

Great work.

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