Friday, May 23, 2008


I kind of like change - it keeps things fresh and new. It makes me excited and gets my brain thinking about all sorts of new possibilities.

About every 2-3 years, I get this urge to move and not just into a new house. Over the winter, I seriously thought I wanted to move to Alaska -Duffy was convinced I needed serious help and that it was only because of Men in Trees. Now, I have seriously considered trying to convince Duffy to move to Iowa (I miss my Darah, John and Guthrie and the houses are so super cute and CHEAP! I'm not sure what we would do to support ourselves though!) I think he would have me committed!

Don't get me wrong, I love Sequim. I am glad we choose to move here, but I know this isn't where we will live forever. When we moved from Olympia, it was a time in our life that we needed the change and we moved for all of the right reasons. Yet, I miss the friendships with people I have history with - people that have known me longer than 3 years! A little history about Sequim culture - it is made of up people who were born and raised here (typical of any small town) but the vast majority of people are from other places. I find it really hard to forge friendships with those that are from here - they are friendly and inviting but they already have their circle of friends, are content with their lives and starting new friendships seems to take FOREVER and not a real priority!! Most of our friends are transplants, like us. And anyone that knows me well knows that I just don't jump into friendships - it takes me awhile and it seems a lot harder when you have kids - you sort of become friends with who your kids know. We thought getting plugged into a church would help, and it has to some extent, but that has come with it's own set of issues for another post!

So yes, I like change but I think I sometimes like it for the wrong reasons. When I'm unhappy about something, change seems like a good idea. But it's really just a way to escape what I don't like. And in reality, I'm really happy here - my parents are close and I love being able to spend time with them; I have the funnest, most relaxing job any mom could ask for with employers that are more like family than bosses and we have friendships with really great people. I'll have to save my urge to move somewhere drastic for another time!

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D, J, G said...

i'm just going to remind you that the house 2 houses down from our new house is for sale.

it's big.

it's old but well cared for.

it could be YOURS!
and it's not even on a flood plain!

did you want me to find out the specs? the winters here just make you that much more excited for spring-- i promise! i think you should give in to your need for change :)

but that's just me.

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