Friday, May 9, 2008


So, Teagan's birthday is in 3 days and I have no idea what to get a 2 year old who has a ton of stuff already! Clothes are a no since my children have so many clothes, the are out-growing their huge dresser and closet already (hmmm, they take after their mom maybe???) I just found out that the one thing we did get her, my mom bought her too! So, I'm back to not having anything for her. Any ideas?? We already have a fully stocked kitchen, train and train table, princesses, dress-up, doll house, babies, bikes and trikes, wagon, and who knows what else!! I never thought this would be hard!!


Erin Lea said...

How about one of those bouncy blow up things for the yard? We got Ashlea hers when she was three, a Disney Princess one. We have use it a ton and it is a great activity for the girls to get some energy out. The price is pretty reasonable for the amount it has been used. It takes less than a minute to blow it up and storing is easy because it folds up nicely. I really like them because the nets are really strong and they are enclosed really well. Just a thought. Your girls are so darling. Zoe looks a lot like you I think. Erin :)

Danika said...

We just got Elke a Plasma car, Elke calls it the "wiggle, wiggle car" it rocks!!! It's super fun, it goes up to like 200lbs, and both girls can fit on it. I am sure I am too late now, but thought I would throw it out there!

Jill said...

I know that this is late, but just in case...Kaven & Kira have a water/sand table with a lid (very'll see why) that we filled with birdseed. It's great! They will play forever in it. It's not messy at all and can't get in their eyes or other parts of their bodies. We have it on our deck and after they're done with it, Casey just blows the birdseed off with the leaf blower. It's stocked with plastic frogs, lizards and snakes, shovels, rakes, cups and small buckets (golf balls...hmmmm?).They also LOVE to sit on a chair and put their bare feet in it. Sorry it's late, but could be an idea for something else later.

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