Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Phone Calls

Why is it that every time I am on the phone, my children start acting like wild animals? I swear, the last few phone calls I've had, my children have totally lost it! The other day, when I was talking to Kristi (who called to tell me she was pregnant and is now hoping to not have kids like mine) the girls got into an all-out brawl. They were trying to push the other one out of the glider/rocker in my room. They were screaming, pushing and when Zoe started using her feet to try and push Teagan out, I had to intervene. Then today, they started fighting over a baby stroller (one that Zoe only wants because Teagan likes playing with it). I think this is why I have all my phone conversations while in the car or while at work!

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..melissa.. said...

Ohh the joys..I can't wait to have kids ;)

I bet you and Jordan never did that to your mom..Josh and I NEVER did..we were all angels :)

I love your posts Melissa!

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