Friday, June 11, 2010

Things Teagan says...

While getting ready this morning:

Teagan: I combed my hair - do I look like a princess??

Me: Yes, you do. But you know, it's not really about what you look like on the outside. It's really about what you are like on the inside. Being kind, polite, being a good listener; loving your sisters, your family, God.

T: I love God.

Me: I know you do.

T: You have big boobs mommy.


T: Have you had your tattoo for a long time?

M: Yes, I got it in college.

T: WOW! Will you have it when you are an old lady?

M: Yup. That's why you think really hard and get something that you know you will love for a really long time.

T: I want one of those real tattoos.

M: Yeah, well, you need to wait awhile.

T: Yeah, like when I go to college.


Rebecca said...

So cute! :) We will have to come up and visit soon! And I keep thinking of you delivering late with your girls--I am trying to be patient but I'm not very good at it!

darah said...

well, Teagan, you and Guthrie can go together for the tattoos as she's decided she wants one also.

last night at bed time she told me she really liked my nose ring and she would like one also, but why wasn't mine pink? it would be so much better if it were pink.


did our parents have conversations like this with us when we were in preschool?

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