Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I need motivation. I read the blogs of my friends (you all are way better bloggers than I, by the way!) and realize that I have to get my butt in gear and do some blogging; you, know, since I like to write and all!

I've always thought of myself as being somewhat organized and tidy, that is, until I look at my spare/computer/craft room! How can anything get done in this mess?

The bed was Christmas wrapping central over the holidays and has now become the catch-all for all sorts of crap (the box of clothes to send to Guthrie, old baby toys, the Coach box from my purse, etc.). The thing is, everything on the bed is organized in their appropriate piles, etc. I just have to do something with it! I'm so embarressed!

It has become this neverending task to clean my craft desk. Just ask Darah - we talk about it almost every Friday over coffee. It's embarresing. I'm stifuling my creativity because I can't seem to clean my desk!! I have all sorts of ideas but they are all in my head at this point in time!

So, Darah was telling me about her friends cleaning routines, etc. and mentioned doing 15 minutes of decluttering everyday - I think I will start that, today, after I finish my coffee. Maybe after my shower and getting the girls dressed. Does thinking about it count? See, I'm back to my motivation issue!


That Girl Gretchen said...

Melissa, I completely understand the clutter issue. It is a big problem of mine. I should take a picture of our craft/computer/spare room that also serves as Dominic's closet! It's a mess and is also stinting my creativity.
Good luck de-cluttering!

D, J, G said...

ok so i just want you all to know that the whole 16 minutes of decluttering is not going well at my house. not well at all. monday and tuesday are great, but it kind of goes downhill after that. I'm not sure why. But it bugs me. Tomorrow afternoon will be clean the house and declutter and grocery shop. I'll keep you posted.

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