Friday, February 15, 2008

Children Playing

My Friday's consist of being home, doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms and children playing. For awhile now, I've been watching Theo, almost 3, on Fridays while his mom works. Theo is an only child and I think, sometimes overwhelmed by Zoe and Teagan. Yet, they all have the greatest time. Right now, they are into playing house - poor Teagan is everything from the little sister/brother to the dog and Theo is either cooking or sleeping. Zoe is the definately the mother, leading the "family" and telling everyone what to do next - hmmmm, wonder where she learned that????

So far today we've played house, built a tent, took it down (Zoe had some time in time-out over this part) and now they are filling back-packs with play food and toys and heading out on an adventure to my bedroom! Sounds like loads of fun!

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Stephanie Ann said...

I do remember you...been a while. Sounds like you're doing well and that your kids are adorable! Thanks for your advice, I know it'll get better, but some days...doesn't seem like it. :o)


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