Thursday, February 21, 2008


My husband has a new love. She stands over eight feet tall and six feet wide and weights a ton (or more). She's younger than me (DOB: sometime in 1984) and needs a little more love and affection than me somedays. I think he spent more money on her for Valentine's day but what can I do - it's not everyday your husband falls for another! He definately has been spending more time with her lately and she is getting WAY more attention; he's says that won't be the case forever - we'll see. When he's not with her, he's online looking at things for her - gifts to make her more comfortable and feel younger.

He has lovingly named her Elsie (or LC for Land Cruieser) - welcome to our family, I guess....


Stephanie Ann said...

wow, this may sound lame, but i've always wanted a 1988 landcrusier...i'm so jealous! lol

Carol said...

way cool duffy...!!

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