Friday, November 12, 2010


Tonight, as I was sewing, I loved listening to Zoe, Teagan and Harper reading away on Zoe's bed. I so wanted a photo of all three girls, pouring over their books so intently, but knew, if I got the camera, I would not capture the moment.

My sewing machine is in Zoe's room right now, and I find that the girls gravitate there when I'm working. They like to watch, ask questions about what I'm making and who it's for. Tonight, I suggested reading their new library books, while I finished a Christmas gift for my Baby niece, Isabella (I also have a toddler niece named Izabella!) It was so sweet to listen to Zoe sound out what she was reading, Teagan making up her own stories in her attempt to "read" and Harper thinking she is a big kid, reading her books on her big sisters bed.

Made my heart happy to see them enjoying books as much as I do and enjoying it all together.

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