Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What I woke up to today

When I woke up this morning, this is the child that I found. At first I thought it was just a trim in spots......

.....until I really looked at the back.....

....and side views! We called Katie, our stylist extraordinaire, and were lucky to get in at 10:30am!

And boy, did she make it look beautiful! Katie blended all the chopped up parts right in (even the bangs that I didn't notice until we were at the salon) and now, Teagan looks like a big kid!

I think she likes it! She asked if this meant she didn't have to wear ponytails anymore! She also told my mom she wanted to look like Zoe!
***Excuse the weird layout - Blogger is so frustrating sometimes with getting things to line up and look good!***


carol said...

....just helping out getting ready for the baby so you don't have to take time fixing her hair anymore! She was thinking of her mommy : )

Jessie said...

It turned out SO cute!! I often gave myself chop-jobs as a child...I thought I looked good! I clearly remember!!

She looks like a big girl!

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