Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, my kids have picked up a great trait from their Uncle Jordan - lying! (You know I love you little brother!!) Zoe isn't very good because she chooses to lie about the dumbest things and half the time tells you the truth then back tracks. Example:

Me: Zoe, why did you hit your sister with that toy?
Zoe: Well, I didn't mean to do it.
M: But I saw you hit her and it was because she wouldn't move out of your way.
Z: I didn't hit her! She hit herself with the toy!
M: So, I didn't see you hit her?
Z: No, I didn't do it!
This usually ends with a time-out where Zoe is freaking out the whole time, holding onto the idea that she didn't really hit her sister - even though Teagan is crying with a red mark on her face and I saw the whole thing.

Teagan takes a different approach - she just blames everything on Zoe! We came home on Monday after a weekend out of town. I was putting stuff away in the girls bathroom and kept getting this scent of pee - like it had been there for a day or two. Mind you, I cleaned the bathroom on Friday and we left the house on Saturday and we hadn't had any little boys over to visit. So, I start looking around the toilet and realize as I look over the edge of the tub, that someone had peed in the bathtub! It was on the inside of the tub and dried around the drain - GROSS! I come into the living room and ask,

M: Who peed in the tub?
Z: Not me - Teagan did it. (Totally what I figured)
T: (Pausing for a moment) Nuh-uh - Zoe did it.
This goes back and forth a few times until I say,
M: Well, if nobody will admit to it, you are both in trouble.
Zoe starts crying (which I knew would happen!) and Teagan just sits there with a very guilty look on her face.
M: If nobody did it, how did it get into the bathtub?
T: Mommy, it just came that way!

It was all I could do to not burst out laughing - but she still had to help me clean the bathtub!


Talk-n-tidbits said...

Hi Melissa, So why does poor Jordan get blamed for the lying? Girls will be girls. Love your blog and staying up-to-date with you and your family. Hope all is well and congrats on the new baby. Judi

Melissa said...

Hey Judi - Yeah, Jordan is the lucky one who gets blamed because both Duffy and I are terribly liars and both the girls also have the love for all things meat, just like Little Jordan!! Hope you are doing well!

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