Monday, May 4, 2009

Funny Ha-Ha

The other day, while driving with the kids, Zoe was practicing snapping her fingers. Here is the conversation I hear:

T: What are you doing Zoe?
Z: I'm snapping.
T: Oh, I can do that.
Z: ummm, no, you can't.
T: Yes I can, I'm just not doing it right now.


Last week, while putting laundry away in the girls room, they gather a few things and prepared to leave the room.
Z: Mom, we are playing that we are going to spend the night in a hotel.
Me: Sounds fun.
As they are walking out the door, this is what Teagan adds -
T: Oh, she's alright to be at my house (their room) when we leave. She is just cleaning it for me.



darah said...

i love your kids.

..melissa.. said...

So funny, the first conversation, totally older sister. I was cracking up. They are adorable!

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