Friday, November 7, 2008

To-Do List for Today

  • Take a shower
  • Go visit Harmony - 36 weeks preg. and has been on bed-rest the last 9 weeks! Come on Baby Spivey, we welcome you to the world any day!!!
  • Go to Costco - fun times!
  • Put girls down for naps - maybe I'll take one too...
  • Work on girls dresses - I have 4 cut out and ready for sewing.
  • Figure out rest of gift for Baby Gregory and Kristi- I have one week until the Girls hang out in Bainbridge - I CAN'T WAIT!
  • Start gift for Baby Rich - I want to have it done by Christmas but I'll be lucky to have it finished before she is born in March!
  • Call/email Stephanie
  • Work on Christmas cards - only 54 days!
  • Paperwork/Bills/Filing - FUN!
  • Figure out the rest of my Christmas shopping - what to get and for whom

Ok, I think that is enough for one day!


..melissa.. said...

Are Jordan and Bethany having a girl?? That's the Baby Rich you are referring to..??

D, J, G said...

ugh. i could have done without the whole '54 days until christmas' bit :)

that is an admirable list! hope your day is going smoothly.

gus is going on another 2 1/2 hour nap today! yippee!!

Melissa said...

Yup - they are having a baby girl!

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