Friday, August 22, 2008


On the way to dropping off the girls yesterday morning, Teagan threw up all over herself, her car seat and the back seat (hmmmm, not good for suede!). We spent a rather quiet day at home taking baths and doing laundry - lots of it! Duffy came home at 3:00 and pretty much went to bed for the night because he wasn't feeling too hot either. So, no book club for me last night! Zoe and I make Chicken Noodle soup and banana bread - yummy! I slept in the other room because I do NOT have time to get sick right now and Duffy is home today; for him to not go to work means he is REALLY not feeling well!

It will be a oh-so-fun day trying to keep the kid-o's quiet and occupied so Duffy can sleep and I can get ready for our garage sale tomorrow. Crap, that means I have to move the camper to move the boat to move the camper again! This should be fun!

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