Monday, August 11, 2008


There have been a bunch of little things going on that have me a bit bummed out lately. My friend Harmony, who is pregnant with her 2nd baby, just found out she has to be on bed rest. Korah, her daughter is 16 months, and when Harmony was pregnant with her, she had to do the same thing and Korah was born 2 month premature. Harmony is a trooper but I know she is bummed and was so hoping for a "normal" pregnancy. She has a long way to go until her Dec. 2nd due date; thank goodness her mom is able to be here to help out and we'll be making lots of ice cream visits!

My girlfriend, Kristi, who is also pregnant, was supposed to have some time off this week and was planning to over for a visit. I was sooooo excited because since our moving to Sequim and her moving to Renton - we NEVER see each other! She ended up not being able to get away from work, thus isn't coming! Hopefully, she can get some time off next month and we are trying to plan to meet for dinner - we'll see, life seems to get in the way sometimes!

My bestest friend, who isn't pregnant (you aren't are you?????), had planned on coming to the NW in September but with buying a new house, getting settled in a new community, and her hubby's vacation schedule, had to put her travel plans on hold too! I'm half tempted to buy myself a plane ticket to go visit her! It is so hard not having your closest girlfriends acutally, physically close sometimes!

Positive things are:
  • There has been decent weather and sometimes it's actually warm!
  • I'm having a garage sale on the 23rd and will be getting rid of a bunch of stuff (if it doesn't sell, it's being donated - it is not coming back!)
  • our pictures from Jessie should be here soon - I'm so excited and can't wait to see them all.
  • My brother and sister-in-law, who is also pregnant, are coming home this weekend for a wedding we are all going to on Sunday. I can't wait for the day they tell us they are moving back!

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D, J, G said...

totally not pregnant.
and totally sad that we're not able to come out there. there might still be a possibility... but i'll email you about that later.

and yes, you should just buy a ticket and come stay in our attic. you can live in the jacuzzi. i will send guthrie up with drinks and snacks :)

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