Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Do you ever stress out about something that is not worth stressing out about? I am seeing this pattern in my life lately and realize it is something I need to work on.

Example: I have clients that live in Arizona. Not a big deal really, but they are building a house in Port Townsend, WA!! So, they are only here once every 6 months. We communicate via email on a regular basis and decision making has gone rather smoothly (I coordinated all her lighting, cabinets, countertops and now hardware; designed her kitchen, baths, and laundry, and coordinated installation with our installer and the plumbers and electricians). They are super laid back people and the best clients to have, yet, Monday morning, I wake up all stressed out because they are in town. I kept feeling like something was going to be wrong and they were going to be unhappy about something. It's not like things couldn't be fixed - we have until next June before they move permenently! Yet, I still get all worried about stuff - for NO REASON!!! We met yesterday and everything is great - they love their cabinets, there countertops and our installer is helping them do all sorts of other projects.

I am really trying to evaluate the things in my life that I feel stressed about - how much control do I really have? Is it worth thinking/stressing about? Am I the only one affected by my stress or is it affecting my kids, husband, co-workers, etc.? Is the situation going to change because of my stress or will it stay the same??

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Stephanie Ann said...

Stress is one of my main issues as well. I'm always stressed out and most of the time it's over nothing at all. Just the anticipation of situations stress me out. I've noticed that it does, unfortunately, effect those around us. Whether we realize it or not. Especially our young ones. They seem to latch on to our attitude and mood like a leech and make it their own. It's a normal feeling, even though it's stressful to be stressed. :o) I'm going to acupuncture for it and it's been helping tremendously. If your interested, you should try it.

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