Friday, June 13, 2008

Potty Training

So, Teagan is 25 months old and we are working on potty training. Nothing hard-core yet (the weather has cooperated enough to be outside for the majority of a day!) but she is getting the idea. She is definately more patient than Zoe was and will sit and read or sing. And Zoe is quite the cheerleader, encouraging Teagan and praising her for trying. We'll keep you posted!!


..melissa.. said...

That is pretty sweet of Zoe..Good luck with it!!

That little toilet ring reminds me of the time Brian decided he didn't want to potty train but to put that ring seat around his head/neck..yep, it got stuck.

Stephanie Ann said...

yay for potty training...hailey loves her toilet. has gone more times than not. it's it fun!? haha...

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