Friday, December 7, 2007

Decking the Halls

We decided this year to go on a Christmas tree adventure. Instead of paying $50 for a 5 foot tree at the local tree farm, we bought a permit to get our in the forest. It was a snowy day (doesn't happen often) and the girls were excited to be in the snow - Zoe wanted to eat it and Teagan just kept playing with it. We found a great tree that we knew was too tall but brought it home anyway. Little did we know, after some trimming, it is now as wide as it is tall! It looks nice though - for the most part, if you look at it from far away!

Zoe was a great help with decorating. She asked daily for a week if she could help me decorate the house! Three year olds and decorating are a lot of fun! She wants to help with wrapping but I'm just not that patient these days!

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