Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So, I had a few days off this last week. Nathan was on vacation last week and I took time off so he wouldn't be watching kids the whole time. I really didn't have anything planned to do, maybe organize a few things and general household stuff. I just didn't expect the following:
  • Zoe getting pink eye - talk about making an already dramatic child more dramatic! You would think I was trying to poke her eyeballs out with pencils by the way she acted trying to get eye drops in!

  • Teagan getting a cold - a constant runny nose, sniffly, red eyed (hey, it might be pink eye!) cold. The nice thing is that Teagan is pretty happy-go-lucky, so she just kind of goes with the flow!

  • Doing endless loads of laundry. I have no idea what happened but I literally did 1-3 loads of laundry everyday from Wednesday to Sunday! It sucked!

  • Doing endless loads of dishes. I realize as my children get older, that we dirty more dished but come on, I ran the dishwasher at least once a day. Sometimes, I'd unload it to simply reload and run again!

  • Our friends, the Moerkeseth's didn't come to visit because of the PINK EYE - (I totally understand but was totally bummed!

So, for not have any expectations, I'm really bummed with how things turned out. It's like I have these unconscious ideas of how I'll spend some free time and when it doesn't work out, I'm irritated! I guess that is life as a parent - getting used to the unexpected and learning to accept it as how your life is. And not having too many expectations...

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