Thursday, November 15, 2007

Being Thankful

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week. I'm really not in the mood for the holiday's this year and it makes me sad. So, I've decided to list out the things I'm thankful for and hope that it helps. So here goes:
  • My husband - he makes me smile everyday and is such a great friend and father.
  • My girls - yes, they make my life crazy, but in a fantastic way! I am in awe everyday at all that they learn and how they make me laugh.
  • My family - I have be truly blessed with great parents and in-laws.
  • My siblings - my brother and all my in-law siblings. How great it is to have family that cares for one another and enjoys time together.
  • My job - I love my job! I learn something new everyday and feel valued for what I do.
  • My Darah - she keeps me sane even if she is 1,995 miles away! We talk almost everyday and the days we don't, I miss her! She is that one person, other than my husband, that I can totally be my dorky self with and she still loves me! How did I get so lucky? I just hope that someday, we get to live closer.
  • My health - well, most of the time. Overall, I don't have any real major health issues and that is great!

Ok, I am done for now. It's not that I don't have more to be thankful for, I just have to go get ready for work and take care of sick kids!!!

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Darah, John & Guthrie said...

you totally made me tear up :)
i love you too! you make my life so much better.

tell miss zoe to feel better soon. poor thing! maybe she'll rest up today (ha ha) and feel so much better tomorrow.

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