Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer fun

Wow - I cannot believe that summer is winding down and school is starting on Wednesday! I had been hoping for a low-key, laid back summer with lots of down time at home - instead it seems as if summer just flew by in a whirlwind!

We spent a week at my grandparents with aunts, uncles, cousins and lots of FUN! Zoe and Teagan went to several VBS programs and spent several days with Grandma June and Grandpa Doug. Duffy and I spent a few days in Bellingham and it was great to remember all our fun times back in college. We've enjoyed time with great friends, camping with family, lots of time with cousins and FUN, FUN, FUN!

The big news is that Jordan, Bethany and Bella moved back to Sequim!!! They have been living with my parents since June and are anxiously waiting to move into their own place. It has been so much fun having the cousins together and getting to spend time with my brother and his family. Bella and Harper will be in pre-school together this year and boy, the teachers are in for a surprise! HAHA! Bella and Harper are a riot together and keep everyone entertained! I'm so excited that they get to grow up together.

We have come to realize that we are out-growing our house! With 3 growing girls, a dog, and us, we just don't fit in our house. We would like something with a little bit more outside room and a bit more breathing room inside. We are talking about putting our house on the market later this month and seeing what happens. I'm crossing my fingers that we can have a successful sale and find something that makes everyone happy.

Ok, off to bed - morning comes earlier than I want it to and with school starting, I better get back in the habit of busy, crazy mornings!
Fun at the park!
Sequim's very FIRST Hot Air Balloon Festival!
Ah, the joys of summer.
Bella and Harper - great lunch dates!
Makes my heart happy.
My joy!
On the Seattle Ferris Wheel
Drumming like her daddy
Hanging with friends
All 12 of my grandparents grandchildren - together, in one place!!
I LOVE this picture!
All 12 of my grandparents GREAT grandchildren!!
On the water.
Date night with dad!

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