Sunday, February 7, 2010

Still here

We are still here, still alive and still doing stuff - just doing lots of stuff and having a hard time finding the time and motivation to sit down and blog. I will do it this week though - I have some pictures of the our hike yesterday, the busy girls and more!

A quick update to keep you interested:

  • Zoe had her first visit to the dentist (her first appt. just for her actually) and everything is great. She even got to play dentist with Dr. Birch - he is so awesome!

  • Harper is scooting herself all over the place and nothing is safe! She is into talking to you and is really funny! The big girls try to get her to come to their room by tempting her with her toys!

  • Duffy has been on a route where he's had the last 4 Saturday's off! It makes for a long Mon-Fri. but it has been nice having the extra day off. Only 1 more week though then it's back to his normal schedule.

  • The big girls are busy, busy, busy with school and loving it. Zoe is learning to read like a champ and it's funny when she askes what words mean, she never gives you the context! Teagan like to think she can read. She had "Hop on Pop" the other day and told Zoe she could read it; she just sat their whispering to herself!

I will post again this week, I promise! I have a few recipes to do and some pics to post!

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