Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bike Riding

So, the day before school started, Zoe wanted to go out and ride her bike. She's been having a hard time with letting go of the training wheels and it's been sort of frustrating all the way around. Duffy was out with her, just watching, while Zoe was riding on Teagan's bike (a bit smaller and seems to make her feel more confidant) when the neighbor kid, Iaan, rides over on his bike. Iaan is 6 years old and 2x Zoe's size. We asked him to give Zoe some pointers. Next thing you know, he is telling her to take her training wheels off (which she did) because she doesn't need them. She does a few pedals here and there and is gaining more confidence. Next thing you know, Iaan is telling her she is the worst bike rider he has ever seen! And off she goes - she was riding her bike!! All it took was getting the neighbor to tell her how horrible she was????? Why didn't we invite him over sooner??? Needless to say, Duffy and I just sat back and watched in amazement as Zoe kept practicing, riding and letting Iaan tell her how bad she was. She told me later that it was okay, she told him to say that and she was just ignoring him! Nothing like a little reverse psychology from a peer to get you going!

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carol said...

darah had the same problem - would not let go of her training wheels - we were so frustrated - her little boyfriend from 1st grade was over and I told him I would give him a $1.00 to teach her to ride without training wheels and 1/2 hr later - no training wheels! Peer pressure starts early!

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