Thursday, June 25, 2009

9 days....

9 days and counting - well, not really. I'm not really holding my breath that this baby is going to come early. It would be nice, but unlikely! I haven't even packed anything for the hospital, which amazed my Dr. as I am the one who likes all things in order, all the time! It's just that I packed a bag early on with both of the girls and since I was induced, there wasn't that need to have it packed and ready to go when we didn't go running out the door.

Instead, I keep coming up with all sorts of projects for myself. I've been doing some sewing (I just bought more fabric on Tuesday and plan to have a few things done in the next few days), baking, cleaning, playing with the girls and the ongoing, dreaded task of keeping my craft space clean and organized! It is out of control because every time I sit down to organize it, I make something instead and it stays messy. So, before I am letting myself start the next sewing project, I have told myself I have to organize my desk and have it all nice and clean.

Oh, yeah, I decided to blog first....

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