Thursday, December 18, 2008


Thanks to Darah, I've been tagged and get to share 7 totally random things about myself. This should be interesting...

1. I jumped off a really high cliff, into super cold water, just to impress a guy. I was terrified and totally didn't even check for rocks and other dangerous things.

2. I get sick to my stomach during American Idol try-outs. I can't stand watching all the people, good or bad, trying to earn a spot on the show. I feel like throwing up and have to go in the other room. It's like I get so nervous for the really bad singers, wondering who's been lying to them their whole lives that they actually thought they were good and had a chance.

3. I want to go to culinary school. Not to get a job in the food industry, just to have the mad skills in the kitchen.

4. I sometimes miss my old job. I miss working with students and being in the academic world. I don't miss all the stress, rules

5. I love moving. Some people hate it but I like the thought of a new adventure, something different. I'm glad that I'm married to someone who isn't the "This is where I'm going to live forever" type.

6. I hate being cold. I am cold from September to June and though I love the seasons and the weather, I hate that my fingers and toes are always cold. I go to work and wear my coat the entire time. I hate that I have to wear layers to stay warm. I love it when it's +90 degrees - I don't want that everyday, but I love that I feel warm all the time!

7. My biggest pet-peeve is: people who wear socks with their sandals (Birkenstock's being the only exception and only with select styles!) It drives me totally crazy to see people with socks and Teva's/Keen's/whatever! It makes no sense to me - if you are cold enough to need socks, why wear shoes that don't cover your entire foot????? The ONLY person that I let slide is my brother-in-law, Herb!


..melissa.. said...

The socks and sandals really bother me too!! You are not the only one..I just wish people would wear one or the other...not both, it's ridiculous.

little.brain said...

I totally get your #3. I have worked in restaurants and have found little in life to be more stressful, but I still watch Top Chef and think, "I wish I could do that."

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