Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jealousy or is it Admiration?

Ok, so the other night, before falling asleep, I started thinking about things to write on my blog. You see, I'm not a "natural" blogger; I read my friends blogs and think "I can do that" but I'm not so confident. Everyone else I know is more eloquent and witty and I feel like my stuff is just, well, plain.

So, while thinking of things, I realized I'm insainly jealous of some of my friends. I don't think of myself as a jealous person, there is no real point in it really and maybe it's more that I admire the skills and talents of my friends. Take Jessie - she is an amazing photographer and her blog makes me laugh out loud and wish I lived closer so we could hang out. My bestest friend, Darah, is a great writer, mother, daughter and crafter (how she finds the time, I don't know!) Katie does magic with my hair and makes me feel good about myself, even when she's having a bad day. Even when stressed and at the end of her rope, she is hopeful and obedient. Danika is a wonderful mother who is full of energy and life and I sooooo wish I could look as good as she does - that would involve taking up running and I don't see that in my near future unless she becomes my personal trainer!!!

So, instead of being jealous, I decided to share what I admire about women in my life. I plan to do this on occasion because it makes me feel good to see how talented the people around me are!


D, J, G said...

Ok and now I'm tearing up into my coffee. Thank you, dear friend. I admire you so much. You're such a strong woman and mother and friend. Your unfailing honesty is always tempered by your equally unfailing compassion. We're so lucky to know you.

No one else I know would send me a black card! And know that I'd love it!

And I'm downright jealous of your wardrobe-- although I know at least part of that is Duffy's fault :)
love you!

Jessie said...

Oh my gosh...I had gotten behind on blog reading- Then I see my name!! What a compliment! Want to know what I admire about you? GREAT sense of style. I remember that from the first moments I met you! And one more thing...I'll email ya...

Danika said...

You are gonna blog about me and not even tell me about it? I have been REALLY missing you lately, when can we get together? We only have two more weeks of school and then I schedule will be pretty free, lets make a date! Happy B-day Teagan!

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